President's Message

3rd June, 2020

Dear Members,

The COVID-19 pandemic & Amphan Cyclone has impacted our industry more than any other event in most of our lifetimes. Associations and Businesses are trying to navigate their way through this crisis, balancing the short-term need with a long-term strategy.

We understand the frustration and fear that many of our members may be feeling as we move forward into unknown territory. However, our industry is used to weathering the worst of storms and thriving in the harshest environments.

While we are all in the same storm, we must realize that we are in different boats, and therefore different solutions and strategies are necessary.

Our primary responsibility is to our employees, our clients and our suppliers, but on top of that, it is imperative that we members are supporting each other in circumventing this uncharted situation. What unites us all is the determination to conquer this crisis and emerge unweathered and perhaps, become even stronger on the other side.

Just like COVID-19 knows no boundaries or borders the transfer of knowledge & information should not either. EICMA has actively engaged our members to share best practices through zoom sessions and regular exchange of MHA Guidelines & valuable information through Whatsapp & Emails. Its paramount to us that you continue to receive the same level of support you are accustomed to, and were confident that with the efforts weve put in place, we can mitigate this without much communication gap.

In periods of such uncertainty, I always look to family. Not just my own, but my EICMA family our valued members who have stood with us through so many challenges. I know that together, we can all get through any struggle.

With Best Wishes & Regards,
Mohit Bajaj
President, EICMA